The Guardian, Saturday September 9th 2006

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Yummy. Lovely food, nice surroundings and great staff.
The best tarka dahl (thick) ever. Fantastic vegetarian selection and impressive flavours.

Hudderfield Daily Examiner, Tuesday October 10th 2006

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Restaurant gets seal of approval

A restaurant in Huddersfield has been named as one of the best in Britain.

Tamanna's, at Halifax Road, Birchencliffe, was nominated by diners for a place in the select list of leading restaurants compiled by a national newspaper.

It means Tamanna's is rubbing shoulders with top restaurants in London, the Midlands and the West Country.

Now the restuarant is serving up spicy dishes to hungry diners from as far afield as Doncaster, Derby and Staffordshire.

Nurul Islam, who runs the family-owned restaurant, said "One of our customers drew attention to the fact that we had been nominated."

"Suddenly, we had lots of new faces with people coming from all over the country."

He said: "We were taken aback because there are lots of restaurants in Yorkshire."

"It is pleasing to know that we are recognised as a top quality restaurant."

Tamanna's was set up seven years ago. The 48-seater restaurant employs eight staff and prides itself on a wide range of dishes.